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School's Out 2013Edit

All the kids in Mrs. Robinson's class are taking their end of semester exams, and they need your help! Head to the new Examination Grounds north of the Carnival and offer your aid to Mrs. Robinson and her class! A new kid will need your help every few hours; help all six for a special reward! While you're at it, collect Shiny Red Apples for Mrs. Robinson herself. Collect enough, and you will earn a special new event pet different form last year! This event will run until June 29th 2013 at noon PDT!

If you completed this event last year, you can collect duplicates of house items, additional ribbons, and the new pet this year. Good luck!


Description Task Reward
Apples for Mrs. R. Keep an eye out for apple trees, apple bandits, and crates of apples while you're out whacking bushes. Bring Mrs. Robinson as many apples as you can before the event ends. You will receive a different ribbon based on how many apples you are able to collect, and a new special pet if you manage to collect all 250! Find 250 Shiny Red Apples

Large Graduation Ribbon + 250 XP + Butterfly

Taking Their Exams Help the students take their exams. A new student will become available to help every 4 hours (after you've started to help the previous one). Help all six students before the event ends to receive a prize foim Mrs. Robinson Help All Six Students Assistant Medallion + 250 XP
Billy Lost His Books Find Billy's Books. Somehow they got lost in the bushes all over the world! Return when you have found 40 Books. Find 40 Books Stack of Books + 100 XP
Kate Needs Math Help Find a whole bunch of AAA Betteries for Kate's super power-intensive calculator. AAA Batteries can be found in junk piles that sometimes appear when you whack bushes. Return when you habe found 40 Batteries. Find 40 AAA Batteries AAA Battery Cape + 100 XP
Alice Needs Pencils Find Pencils for Alice so she can write her exam. It turns out all the pencils in the world have been stolen by critters, and can be recovered by whacking them. Weird, eh? Bring 20 Pencils to Alice to complete the quest. Find 20 Pencils Pencil Sword + 100 XP
Cooper Needs Diorama Materials Find Cooper materials for his diorama. You must invite 20 friends to complete this quest. Just kidding, you can find diorama stuff in bushes! Return to Cooper once you've found all his diorama materials! Find 60 Diorama Materials Diorama + 100 XP
Timmy Needs Art Supplies Little Timmy has lost his art supplies, and he needs to draw one more picture to pass art class! Sometimes you'll spot crates of art supplies while whacking bushes. Bring 60 art supplies to Timmy so he can pass his class! Find 60 Art Supplies

Easel + 100 XP

Where is Lucas Now! Find Lucas and bring him back to the Carnival to write his exam. Lucas can be found wandering pretty much anywhere in the world. Find Lucas 50 XP
Lucas Needs Energy! Find Cans of Spinach for Lucas so he can get the energy he needs to pass his exam! Cans of Spinach can be found in critters all over the world. Return to Lucas once you've found 30 Cans Find 30 Cans of Spinach Sailor's Hat + 100 XP