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This is an encyclopedia about thegame Bush Whacker released by DJArts Games, initially only on Facebook. The game is also published on Kongregate.

Bush Whacker is a game of bushes, swords, lightning, and what happens when they all meet. Collect hats, capes, critters, customize your house, and explore the wide open world of Bush Whacker!

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Game BasicsEdit

All the things you need to know to play the game.

Quests cover the Main Questline which is the core over-arching plotline of the game, the Side Quests that unlock as you enter new Map Zones and Territories, and Daily Quests that unlock as you complete certain requirements.
There are a number of locations throughout the game that allow you to fish (if you've purchased the required fishing rod from one of the stores), and on top of Energy restoring fish there are a few Custom Items that can be gained from each location.
A list of all (Work in Progress) the NPCs in the game, where they are, and what use they hold.
There are many types of currency in Bush Whacker Classic, and here you can learn all you might want to about them.
A rundown on all the item types in the game, from Custom Items to House Items to the miscellaneous things you'll pick up as the game progresses.
Periodically, you'll find Map Zones that lead to mini-maps. These are areas with their own unique Questlines that are separate from the rest of the game - they can be completely ignored if so wished, but mostly contain unique and highly useful Weapons as the reward for completion so are worth doing.
On certain dates, a Special Event will occur. These tend to run for two weeks at least, with a number of rewards for completion as well as a unique (to the Event) Pet if you complete everything.
After completing the Tutorial, you'll find in Haven Castle a room filled with sixteen treasure chests. In this page contains not only everything you need to know regarding this room, but also exactly what rewards each chest gives you.
By far one of the most important of basics, this is a simple page with the complete World Map shown. Click on any Map Zone and find yourself on a page with any and all the information about that Zone - where you gain access to it from, what Zones it connects to, what the unlock requirements are as well as any Quest information as well, and everything else as well.
Lastly we have the Tips and Tricks page, where all the things I've figured out to make the game a little easier are listed in (hopefully) an easily readable and understood format.


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