- Monday December 14th, 2015 12:12:00PM PST

"Christmas time is upon us, and once again the elves need your help at the North Pole! Head to the fair to get started as we celebrate Bush Whacker's sixth Christmas with... last year's Christmas event!

The event will run until January 2nd at Noon PST, though you only have until December 24th at 11:59:59PM PST to collect carrots for the special Reindeer pet! Good luck!"

To start the questline you talk to the elf girl standing outside the Ye Olde Shoppe in Haven.

There are a total of 18 Side Quests to complete.

Picking up the Pieces is divided into 10 sub-quests, each and all of which need to be completed for it to be finished.

Christmas DayEdit

There is also a special Quest that only appears on Christmas Day, though it runs until the Event ends, where the Christmas Tree outside Santa's Workshop has a stack of presents underneath for you to open.

There are also 3 Daily Quests for you to do and redo, to gain Red Stubs for the Special Items sold by Stinky the stub vendor in the Fairgrounds and outside Santa's Workshop.

Santa ClausEdit

NPC - Santa
Low on Toys

Mrs ClaubinsonEdit

NPC - MrsClaus
Wooing Santa


NPC - WorkshopElf
Cheering up the Elf


If you like to fish, check out the fourth zone Icey Fishery.