There are a number of different currencies used within this game, from simple Gold to the unique, like the tokens that are given and spent with specific traders.

  • Gold
  • Bush Bucks
  • Gems
  • Comendation Medals
  • Fishing Tokens
  • Arena Tokens
  • Friend Tokens
  • Fishing Tokens
  • Feathers
  • Minion Tokens
  • Sand Dollars

Event StubsEdit

Almost every time one of the limited time events starts - like the Halloween or Christmas Events - there are special Quest and Custom Items that can only be bought with special Stubs that come from completing the Quests that come with the Event.

  • Orange Stub
  • Red Stub
  • Valentine Heart
  • Three-leaf Clover

Bars of MetalEdit

Once you've completed the Main Questline connected to the Secret Oasis as well as the Side Quests for Mr. Smith in Haven, you gain access to a series of Daily Quests that reward you with bars of metal, a different one for each quest. These can be spent only with Mr. Smith on unique Weapons that exist only in his shop.

  • Processed Graphite
  • Iron Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Mythril Bar
  • Adamantium Bar

There are also three more advanced bars that require Level 100 to gain access to the Daily Quests that reward them.

  • Thorium Bar
  • Refined Quartz
  • Platinum Bar