Energy Bar

Energy is the life force by which you are able to spend your time whacking bushes and occasionally completing Quests.

When you first start out, you gain only 1 energy per tick - the tick being when the energy timer runs out, with the starting tick being 5 minutes in length. As you progress through the game and gain both money and gems, you can buy not only upgrades to how much energy is gained, but also decrease the duration it takes for the timer to hit zero.

Almost all of these from the Ye Olde Shoppe in Haven Residential District.

Energy is regained in a variety of ways:

  • From the Energy timer counting down to zero
  • Food from Bushes
  • Energy Packs from Friends
  • Fruitbaskets/energy drinks from shops
  • Statue Zap
  • Fishing
  • Power Whacks
  • Auction Bread
  • Special 50% energy restores from specific characters in exchange for unique tokens.