Find as many carrots as you can before Christmas Eve at 11:59:59PM PST. Turn them in on or after Christmas day, but before the event ends on the 2nd, to get Christmas Ribbons. If you pick 250 carrots, you will also receive an awesome reindeer pet that follows you around as you whack! Carrot appearance rate is based on your level, so all levels of whackers can compete for the top prize! This quest should be turned in to Shay at the North Pole. If you got a ribbon last year, you can get another one this year to further increase your maximum energy.

Christmas - FtR
Previous Quest:
Fix the Teleporter!

Stage 1: Find as many carrots as possible before Christmas (0/250 Carrot Found)

Stage 2: Give your carrots to Shay

Rewards: Christmas Ribbon, Red Stub x10, 310xp (!)

Next Quest:

Questline: Christmas Event