BL - Shadow of the Mountain

First Accessed From: The Darkened Forest (West)

Exits: The Gentle Climb (North), The Damp Forest (East)

Exit Unlocks:

North - Buy the Climbing Boots
East - Progress to Level 5

Quests: Track the Bandits, Fetching Steve's Lunch, Pristine Bee Wings, Daily Quest Cleaning up the Lake, The Power Core

Puzzle Size: 12 pieces (3x4)

Custom Items: Side Table, Hat, Cape

Steve the Fisherman can teach you all about fishing in the Shadow of the Mountain. However you must purchase the Flimsy Fishing Pole before you can actually start fishing.

This is a listing of items that have been found in the Shadow of the Mountain so far:

Gold Items

  • Scuffed Ring +1 Gold
  • Dull Necklace +2 Gold
  • Shiny Locket +3 Gold
  • Ancient Coin +6 Gold

Energy Items

Customization Items

  • Fishing Hat
  • Fish Bowl

Junk Items

  • Apple Core
  • Driftwood
  • Rusty Nail
  • Tin Can
  • Tire

Note: This fishing spot is also accessible from Hat Head Lake and one of the randomly generated Treasure Map areas (the one with two bridges).