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Up: N/A
Down: The Friendly Swamp
Left: N/A
Right: N/A

Exit Unlocks:

Up: N/A
Down: Is already open
Left: N/A
Right: N/A

Quests Starting: None

Quests Progressing: Daily Quest Cleaning up the Lake, The Power Core

Quests Completing: None

Puzzle Size: N/A

Custom Items: N/A

Notable NPCs: None

This is a listing of items that have been found in Hat Head Lake so far:

  • Scuffed Ring +1 Gold
  • Dull Necklace +2 Gold
  • Shiny Locket +3 Gold
  • Ancient Coin +6 Gold

  • Fishing Hat
  • Fish Bowl (House Item)

  • Apple Core
  • Driftwood
  • Rusty Nail
  • Tin Can
  • Tire

Note: This fishing spot is also accessible from Shadow of the Mountain and one of the randomly generated Treasure Map areas (the Zone called 'The Twin Bridges').