Every time you enter a new region a Side Quest will open up in one of the zones where an ingredient hunter, Rosa, requires assistance to gather something. While these only appear once per region, she appears in every region so can almost be considered its own Questline.

In all cases though, the previous quest must be completed and handed in before the next will appear.

Forest ZonesEdit

The Damp Forest

Mountain ZonesEdit

The Frigid Heights

Swamp ZonesEdit

The Foggy Swamp

Snowy ZonesEdit

The Cracking Path

Desert ZonesEdit

The Scorched Earth

Tropical IslandEdit

The Balmy Coast

The Desert CityEdit

The Dusty Street

Haunted ForestEdit

The Dank Crossroad

Haunted CastleEdit

Castle Hallway

Underwater ZonesEdit

The Kelp Reef

Jungle ZonesEdit

The Jungle Camp

The Idol's Watch

Mountain CavesEdit

The Foot of the Mountain

The Wide Ledge