Gather 20 scary berries from bushes in the Haunted Forest. Return to the guard in the Haunted Village when your task is complete.

MQuests - ScaryBerries

Zone Received in: The Haunted Village

Previous Quest: Haunted Forest Fun

Stage 1: Gather 20 Scary Berries (0/20)

Stage 2: Return to the Haunted Village Guard

Rewards: 325xp (!)

Next Quest: Report to the Graveyard

Note: Because this Quest can be done in virtually any of the Haunted Forest Zones, instead of working on this now it's better to use your time and Energy to work on advancing the new Special Area you gained access to upon reaching Level 60, Journey into the Earth....
At least, until you reach Level 62 and can advance deeper into the Haunted Forest Zones.