Whack spiders in the Haunted Forest until you've found 16 spider legs. Return to Rosa at the Dank Crossroad.

Rosa - Level 65 - SLfR

Zone Received In: The Dank Crossroad

Previous Quest: Scarab Shells for Rosa & Progress to Level 65!

Stage 1: Collect sixteen Spider Legs (0/16)

Stage 2: Return the legs to Rosa

Reward/s: 1 Jade, 150xp (!)

Next Quest: Oregano for Rosa

Questline: Rosas Herbs and Healing

Note: The spiders will only spawn in those Map Zones that critters and bushes of 10 Energy exist in.
In other words: The Creepy Decline, The Central Forest, The Dark Graves, The Twisted Vineyard, The Shadowed Beach, The Wicked Shore and The Creeping Trees.