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Shadow of the Mountain is home to Steve the Fisherman.

"G'day mate! I'm Steve the Fisherman! Fishing is a great way to relax while earning a bit of bonus energy and gold! Crikey! Would you like to learn how to fish?"

Steve gives you four topics for conversation:

  • Cleaning up the Lake (Daily Quest - only available if you've bought the Flimsy Fishing Pole from Ye Olde Shoppe)
  • What can I get for Fishing Tokens? (Exchange Fishing Tokens for items, if you have any)
  • Yes! Show me how to fish! (Tutorial)
  • No thank you.

Steve offers the following items in exchange of Fishing Tokens.

  • Fish Feast (5 Fishing Tokens): Instantly restores 50% of your maximum Energy. This item can be purchased multiple times.