The Burning Lakeside 2

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Up: N/A
Down: The Chilly Lip
Left: N/A
Right: The Wide Ledge

Exit Unlocks:

Up: N/A
Down: Is already open
Left: N/A
Right: Needs 2 Moonstones

Quest/s Starting: None

Quest/s Progressing: The King's Plan, Ow, My Knee!, Mudmen, Daily Quest Bats for the Man, Daily Quest Sparklies!, Daily Quest Good Vibrations, Daily Quest Mining Thorium Ore, Daily Quest Mining Quartz Ore, Daily Quest Mining Platinum Ore, Daily Quest Powering up the Statue

Quest/s Completing: None

Puzzle Size: 30 Pieces (5x6)

Custom Item/s: Toilet (House Item)

Notable NPC/s: None

The Burning Lakeside is both the newest and last fishing spot to date.

The items you can catch are as follows:

  • Crystal - 4 Gold
  • Robot Head - 8 Gold
  • Odd Cylinder - 12 Gold
  • Wrist Watch - 16 Gold

  • Broken Bow
  • Cord
  • Remote
  • Plastic Bag

  • Zombie Fish Hat