The Harbour

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Up: The Launching Field
Down: N/A
Left: The Tribal Village
Right: The Gentle Decline

Exit Unlocks:

Up: Progress to Level 16
Down: N/A
Left: Purchase the Boat Pass (Needs Level 40)
Right: Is already open

Quest/s Starting: She Gets Sea Sick by the Sea Shore, Follow the Trail

Quest/s Progressing: None

Quest/s Completing: The Guru's Girl, She Gets Sea Sick by the Sea Shore, The Harbour Clue

Puzzle Size: N/A

Custom Item/s: N/A

Notable NPC/s: Harbourmaster, Jill (until She Gets Sea Sick by the Sea Shore is completed)

This is also one of the Fishing locations. To fish here you need to buy the Sturdy Fishing Pole from Steve the Fisherman.

All items possible to be fished up here:

  • Diving Helmet (Hat)

  • Basketball
  • Bicycle Tire
  • Broken Cup
  • Fuzzy Dice
  • Toilet Seat