Haunted Village Shop

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Up: N/A
Down: The Haunted Village
Left: N/A
Right: N/A

Exit Unlocks:

Up: N/A
Down: Is already open
Left: N/A
Right: N/A

Quest/s Starting: None

Quest/s Progressing: None

Quest/s Completing: None

Puzzle Size: N/A

Custom Item/s: N/A

Notable NPC/s: The Shopkeeper, The Key Master

The second officially named Shop in the game, Level 60 is required to gain access to it.

The Shopkeeper will sell a small assortment of both gate unlocks and miscellaneous items, while the Key Master will purchase a number of the gate keys gained through puzzle completion (since they each only have a single use you can sell them without worry, and also make a bit of extra gold at a time when coin is becoming more important).

HFS - 1st Item - ET

Everlit Torch

A torch that just doesn't seem to want to go out. Unlocks the northern gate in the Creepy Decline.

Requires: 25,000 Gold, 1 Jade, Level 62

Main Quest Related: Yes

HFS - 2nd Item - EPF

Energy Pack Focuser

Increases the amount of energy awarded from friend energy packs by 2%.

Requires: 75,000 Gold, 2 Jade, Level 62

Main Quest Related: No

HFS - 3rd Item - EBG


For when you don't want to be bothered by evil. Unlocks the western gate in the Dank Crossroads.

Requires: 30,000 Gold, 1 Jade, Level 65

Main Quest Related: Yes

HFS - 4th Item - IFP

Impressive Fishing Pole

Allows you to fish in Backwoods Lake.

Requires: 7,500 Gold, Level 65

Main Quest Related: No (however, it is required to unlock the Daily Quest A Youthful Mutated Samurai Turtle)